Sometimes I need to affirm myself

For the things that I truly trust

Without which I will just be oneself

A living body left with just a crust

I do trust in your love

And your active presence in me

In the midst of a broken moment

Nothing else, your grace upholds me

The fear of falling apart becomes constrict

When you are somewhere near

You in me, are the inner strength

Evoking peace during a conflict

You help me move from the of bitterness

To the intense peace of betterness

You are my potential strength

Even within the worst of my weakness

As I choose to accept the unconditional love

The worthless world around becomes sane

I trust, when I lose my way, you in me

Always help me find my way back again

When I gently surrender, I need to trust

That I am embraced by the gift of serenity

When I feel like falling apart, I trust

I will be caught even in the infinity

Even the slightest thought of being hated

Makes me feel helpless and crippled

But for now, as you completely own me

My strange fears no longer own me

And most of all I trust myself

That it is the sign of my wisdom

To ask you to help me

As in future I will be looking

At a better self of me