Being Human

When I breezed into this world

With shrunken eyes and fingers all curled

Everyone smiled because I cried

I spread joy without realizing what I’d tried

With time, as I journeyed through the erratic events

Through oddity of most melancholic sequents

I learned to see through the veiled camouflage

Being naïve, I stood on the edge to cry for salvage

The gift of Gods, our world, is pure and sublime

Yet we completely shun its importance – oh, a crime

Mindfully ignorant creatures, we human beings are

For mankind is our most beautiful purpose – so far

Physiology doesn’t differentiate beauty and the beast

But stands above all, the penultimate prowess – our mind

Then why we thrive as the worst of beasts, not beauty instead

Before tyranny strikes and we wish, if only time would rewind

Unthinkingly spread happiness, pray for ingrained innocence

To not stop for alibis, to achieve complete human saneness

Crave for a pure heart that could survive a thousand scrutiny

Make something worthwhile, we could truly, deservedly call – our destiny